We teach, research, and practice at all levels of human interaction which aims towards the understanding of conflict and the assistance of communities to realize the development of peace and justice.

The Peace and Conflict Studies programs are dedicated to knowledge development along with the provision of high-quality, professional training in conflict transformation, resolution management, and peace building.  These programs focus on pragmatic approaches to solving problems in a variety of social settings, as well as providing the theoretical foundations for professional practice in the areas of human rights, social justice, restorative practice, and cultural awareness. Our students receive theoretical, hands on training, and skill building in their classes.

You will be exposed to a wide array of theoretical approaches, techniques, and strategies for nonviolent solutions to conflicts that arise in diverse personal, professional, organizational, and community environments. In addition, you will become well-versed in multiple conflict prevention and intervention skills; these include mediation, negotiation, conflict transformation, violence intervention, and collaborative problem solving.


We adhere to the following core virtues and values:

  • fostering interdisciplinary collaboration
  • striving for positive peace
  • maintaining patience and ambiguity in the long-term philosophy of conflict transformation
  • building evidence-based skills in conflict management and resolution
  • engaging actively in the community
  • doggedly pursuing peace research and praxis
  • maintaining critical pedagogy and scholarship
  • empowering social and ecological sustainability, and
  • honoring equity and justice