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For us, outreach, involvement, and service are at the core of the program’s curriculum, research, scholarship, and professional practice. The Field Experience is the means to that end – using knowledge, skills, values, and motivation from the academic program to make a difference in communities locally and abroad.

PCS 690 Integrated Colloquium: Professional Development Project is the capstone to the Master of Arts program. It is an opportunity for students to combine their unique life experience and classroom-based learning, then apply it to supervised field settings.

The emphasis is on face-to-face, direct practice hours with real cases or community groups. In lieu of a thesis, MA students must complete 120 hours of documented and approved peace and conflict practice for the Professional Development Project.


Practicums can take place at many different organizations, found in several different sectors.

Through internships, students have the ability to obtain experience and learn skills that will be used throughout their peacebuilding career. These skills include:

  • gaining work experience
  • building relationships
  • working on communication

Internships sectors include:

  • Education
  • Policy
  • Government
  • International Development
  • Business
  • Advocacy
  • Security
Students working in field for study abroad trip

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