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For us, outreach, involvement, and service are at the core of the program’s curriculum, research, scholarship, and professional practice. The Field Experience is the means to that end – using knowledge, skills, values, and motivation from the academic program to make a difference in communities locally and abroad.

Practicums can take place at many different organizations, found in several different sectors.
Through internships, students have the ability to obtain experience and learn skills that will be used throughout their peacebuilding career. These skills include:

  • gaining work experience
  • building relationships
  • working on communication


  • Education
  • Policy
  • Government
  • International Development
  • Business
  • Advocacy
  • Security


Practicum 416 is the field experience course for the Bachelor of Arts program. Students should plan to take this course in the fall of their junior or senior at UNCG. The Practicum is designed to integrate theory, global and cultural awareness, intervention skills, project management and public policy.

Through individually designed projects, students will analyze and synthesize what they have learned throughout the curriculum. BA students must complete 60 hours of documented and approved peace and conflict practice for the practicum.

PCS student helping tend field abroad
Dr. Jeremy Rinker, undergraduate director

Jeremy Rinker, Ph.D.

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Undergraduate DIRECTOR